Assembly in Rome 20th July

Monti's Government has gained a role as one of the main protagonists within the European context. Starting from the immediate interventions to challenge the economic emergency, up to a new ambitious plan for fiscal, financial and political union. Italy has achieved a leading role in the debate thanks to its proposals and initiatives suggesting potential solutions and creating credible and affordable steps in reaching gradual goals. For us, part of the group of people who firstly suggested the creation of Monti's Government, and actively worked towards this objective, this event is an awaited confirmation. The success of the program developed by the Prime Minister and his Government in the last few months, both within Italy, the European Union and in the wider global context, must be recognised and fully supported, with clear encouragement and endorsement, until the natural end of the Parliamentary term in 2013. The essential elements of the reform agenda for the next months are clear and as follows: First, to implement an effective and deep revision of public expenditure in order to attain the structural budget balance (according to the Constitutional amendment of the art. 81). Second, to reduce labour costs and business taxes. Third, to reinitiate the investment in education and in the human capital formation, as well as in research and infrastructures and implement more elements of inter-generational fairness in the welfare system. This should be attained through a transitional phase in which coherent and non-regressive solutions are carried on without altering the already issued pensions and labour reforms. In the near future the aim of the structural budget balance should be reached through the spending cuts revenues, preventing the already planned VAT increase, which is to be implemented on the 1st of October 2013, which would make the current recession worse. In this context it is our goal to operate and to cooperate in order to completely overcome any remaining ambiguity about the opinion and the evaluation of the Italian Democratic Party, which has benn crucial role in this decisive political turning point, on the actions taken by Monti's Government. The reform initiatives, although sustained by Parliamentary vote, have often met with bitter criticism and explicit intensions of revision, aimed not to the overcoming of faults (certainly present) but to an unacceptable change of direction. Thus, we want to promote within the Democratic Party a transparent discussion on the ways and paths that need to be followed in order to make the objectives and the principles at the core of Monti's Government , which are part of at least a 10year program for a big change in Italy, long lasting through this Parliamentary term and up coming. This consideration follows the awareness that the period of crisis will not end in the near future also that the started consistent reform processes will only be effective with a multi-year long action. This comes to be clear when we think of the shift from labour taxes to the increase in real estate taxes. It is our belief that the Democratic Party , as the Party of the reform coalition, should give to this aim a base of strong credibility, this being identified with the expectations of the majority of Italians. For these reasons we have called together an assembly to discuss this fundamenatal issue. The open conference will take place in Rome on Friday the 20th July at 4:30 p.m. at the Scuderie di Palazzo Ruspoli (entrance in Via della Fontanella Borghese nr. 56/b). Alessandro Maran Antonello Cabras Claudia Mancina Enrico Morando Giorgio Tonini Magda Negri Marco Follini Marilena Adamo Paolo Gentiloni Paolo Giaretta Pietro Ichino Salvatore Vassallo Stefano Ceccanti Umberto Ranieri Vinicio Peluffo

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